Everything you want in a residential fence.
Affordable beauty, durability & security.
And a warranty you can count on.

LEED Certified    |    Non-Toxic Powder Coating    |    25-Year Limited Warranty    |    8 Colors

Our fences are so beautiful it’s hard to believe they’re steel… but it’s the steel that will give you peace of mind and the confidence that your Designmaster fence will be strong and beautiful for countless years to come.

With choices ranging from high security to ornamental fencing, Designmaster is clearly the better choice.


With eight standard colors and five innovative styles ranging from ornamental and classic to contemporary and maximum-security, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect solution, no matter how challenging your needs. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your new fence provides durable, long lasting performance… is child and pet safe… requires virtually no maintenance… and is steel strong, giving you the security you want and need without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether you’re enclosing your yard, pool, pets or valued possessions, you’ll find the Designmaster fence that’s right for you, backed by our 25-year limited warranty.


Security & beauty… seamlessly intertwined.

Clearly different, Florence is so exquisite, it’s hard to believe she’s steel. Her graceful curves enhance all that she surrounds, while providing steel-strong security.

Difficult to climb, made to last and competitively priced, Florence is ideal for everything from perimeter fencing to gardens and play areas. And because the powder-coated finish is non-toxic, and because there are no “pinch points,” Florence is safe for children and pets. Plus, you have eight colors to choose from!

Protect what matters to you… beautifully… with the most stunning combination of beauty and strength on the market today.

Florence. Simply perfect.

Arches & diamonds.
What a beautiful way to fence!

Thanks to Milan, you can secure any perimeter without it “looking” secure! That’s because Milan is made steel strong, yet is designed to integrate seamlessly with all that it surrounds, providing a clear, unobstructed view.

Milan’s non-toxic powder coating, pinch-proof construction and narrow openings make it ideal for kids, pets and your entire perimeter. Plus, it’s almost impossible to cut or climb, giving you the confidence that while it’s easy to SEE through, it’s not easy to GET through! What you see is beauty. What you get is exceptional security.

And with eight color choices, you can really make a statement!

Milan. Perimeter security that’s oh-so beautiful.

Clearly built for timeless beauty & superior security.

Classic’s remarkable versatility, incomparable style and indisputable steel strength put this fence in a class by itself.

Tasteful and sophisticated, with understated elegance, Classic is the perfect alternative to wrought iron, which simply can’t stand up to Classic’s affordability, strength, beauty, maintenance-free powder coating and eight color choices! You’ll experience all the benefits of wrought iron without the high upfront costs and ongoing maintenance.

Stately elegance is what you see. Superior perimeter security is what gives you peace of mind. Almost impossible to cut, climb or penetrate, Classic is high on security without sacrificing aesthetics. Classic will add beauty to your home and value to your property, now and for years to come.

Classic. So perfect… it can go anywhere.

So simple…
it’s simply beautiful!

Contempo’s clean lines give it contemporary styling, and its steel construction provides incomparable strength.

Best of all, adding a high level of perimeter security doesn’t mean you need to hide what you secure! Why live behind a wall when Contempo offers exceptional security with a clear view. Almost impossible to climb, cut or penetrate, Contempo’s rigid steel is not only strong… it’s also powder coated for superior durability. Plus, with eight colors to choose from, you can match the color of your home… your trim… the landscape… anything!

Safe for kids and pets, Contempo is an ideal solution for play areas and pet enclosures. With no pinch points and a non-toxic powder coating, you can let your kids and pets play with confidence.

Contempo. At home anywhere. Everywhere!

Clearly designed for maximum security.

Forte’s name says it all. Strong. Secure. Nearly impossible to cut, climb or penetrate. And yet, designed to be beautiful.

When see-through security is the bottom line for your home or property, put Forte at the top of your list. Forte delivers on every point – maximum security, pleasing aesthetics and maintenance-free care.

Say goodbye to chain link and unsightly barrier-type fencing. Your neighbors will love you. Would-be intruders won’t. And you’ll rest easy knowing that what’s important to you is secure. Really secure!

Homes, boats, cars, motorcycles… even kids and pets. Forte protects them all.

Forte. Clearly a security solution like no other.


Your home and property are one of a kind. Your gate should be, too. Whether for your driveway, walk-through or pool, your gate will match your fence perfectly in materials, color and design, no matter what type of gate – swing, cantilever, lift… whatever your project calls for.


FIVE DESIGNS, EIGHT STANDARD COLORS, our NON-TOXIC POWDER-COATED FINISH and our 25-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY are just a few of the many reasons Designmaster is in a class by itself. Here’s more!

High-Velocity, Hurricane Zone
Recycled and recyclable
Exceptional products… all competitively priced!

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