Fence Solutions

Need it strong? Strong and beautiful? Count on Designmaster!
LEED Certified | Non-Toxic Powder Coating | 25-Year Limited Warranty | 8 colors


Designmaster is changing the way America fences, with steel-strong commercial and residential fence and gate solutions for virtually every need, from maximum security to ornamental projects. Our incomparable quality, product diversity, maintenance-free finishes and competitive pricing give you every reason to choose Designmaster, and our customer-centric attention to detail and 25-year limited warranty ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.


High and maximum-security fencing
Nearly impossible to cut, penetrate or climb.

Our Forte, Contempo and Crowd Control product lines deliver the highest levels of security without sacrificing aesthetics. Each offers clear, unobstructed visibility while protecting all that matters beautifully, with the strength of steel and a care-free powder-coat finish.

Whether you’re protecting critical infrastructure against threats or creating a safe environment at an event, you can count on our innovative, high-security solutions to meet the toughest demands.

Classic. The perfect blend of strength and beauty.
Clearly an incomparable choice when aesthetics and perimeter security are equally important.
As decorative as it is strong, Classic offers incomparable versatility, making it an ideal solution for everything from government and commercial applications to hotels, resorts, schools, parks and residences. Plus, Classic is the perfect alternative to both chain link and wrought iron with its steel strength, stately elegance, maintenance-free finish and affordable pricing.


Artistic solutions for perimeter security
Perfectly-designed choices that beautify everything they surround.

Setting the standard for ornamental fencing, Milan and Florence disguise steel-strong perimeter security with sheer elegance, making them exceptional choices for everything from zoos, parks and playgrounds to resorts, apartment complexes and homes.

Clearly different.
9 reasons to choose Designmaster
Discover why Designmaster is in a class by itself, with everything it takes to be America’s #1 choice for fencing solutions.

Clearly better.
Warranty and certifications
Check out the many reasons Designmaster is clearly better, including LEED Certification, ASTM-510 compliance, eco-friendly practices and more.

Fenced in… side!
Architects and designers are taking Designmaster fencing products into offices… and even homes! Check out this amazing home, with Desigmaster products creatively used in nearly every room. More

When is a fence
not a fence?

When it is used as an ornamental virtual ceiling for an outdoor patio at an Irish Pub! Just one more example of how versatile Designmaster products are… especially when a bit of creativity is applied!


Say Goodbye to Chain Link…Forever

Did you know that once you cut one wire at the top of a chain link fence and the same wire at the bottom, you can pull that cut wire out of the weave, basically making an opening that’s easy to walk through, or even drive through! It’s time to say “goodbye” to chain link and “hello” to Designmaster fencing…virtually impossible to cut, climb or penetrate. Now that’s protection you can count on!