What is the function of perimeter security systems?

Perimeter security fencing is one of the most popular choices in safety measures around premises. It is an essential factor that can have an influence on the impression made from the outside. Appropriate fencing can act as an effective deterrent for potential intruders, as well as a welcoming element for visitors who want to feel safe when entering a commercial property.

Before selecting the right perimeter security fence, there are many aspects to consider to protect critical infrastructure; from legal requirements, to correct applications, weather conditions, and safety regulations. A combination of perimeter protection and any other kind of security system, such as electronic surveillance, motion sensors, and detection systems.

Exploring different options available is recommended to provide the necessary level of security while considering other factors, such as cost and aesthetics.

Perimeter security systems

Perimeter security systems

Some benefits of installing perimeter fencing

  • Prevent intruders from easy access
  • Detect and delay intruders from attempting to access the property
  • Delimit property grounds and any specific area
  • Provides a level of respect from outsiders
  • Make users of the facilities feel more protected


The right fence for the right application

When selecting perimeter security systems, there are many factors to consider to fit the application.

  1. Security level: Not every perimeter security fence provides the same level of protection. High-security facilities, such as military bases, will benefit from specific features that other types of property don’t need.
  2. See-through requirements: Do you need visibility from the inside and outside of your facilities? Sometimes, this feature can provide benefits that add value and saves on costs. For example, reducing the amount of surveillance cameras and security guards.
  3. Anti-climb and anti-cut features: To prevent intrusion and have better control of who accesses the premises, these features need to be considered. Fences that don’t, will in time require replacement or repairs.
  4. Weather conditions in the area: Where are you installing your perimeter security products? Different coatings and strength levels are available to select the right perimeter security system.
  5. Material durability and maintenance needs: Not every property has the same durability requirements, and not every fence is exposed to the same conditions. Considering this can save you on materials and labor.
Perimeter security

Perimeter security

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