What is a military fence?

Military bases are national security spaces for confidential operations that require protective barriers. They should define the physical limits of the premises and effectively prevent climbing, cutting, and any damage that allows for intruders and as a barrier from the outside.

These military base fences should form a strong perimeter with specific security requirements designed to deter threats. The barriers should protect sensible information, soldiers, and all types of personnel.

Military fence

Important security features for military bases

For military sites, achieving the appropriate level of defense is paramount. When dealing with classified military equipment, a robust fence that deters trespassers becomes indispensable. Opting for security fences for government sites requires a careful consideration of various factors.

Traditional chain-link fences and those constructed from common materials may vary in height and climbing difficulty. However, they might be susceptible to cutting tools and weather damage, necessitating frequent maintenance.


When it comes to military bases, these are some things to avoid:

  1. Constant maintenance: Military facilities need fences strong enough that require the least amount of fixing, repairs, and replacements. Avoid fences that are rather temporary solutions for these types of sites.


  1. Weather vulnerability: We can’t control the weather, but we can protect military facilities from damage against it. Being prepared and thinking ahead is essential for premises where high-security operations take place. Make sure the fences installed on military bases are sturdy and resistant to any type of weather.


  1. High see-through visibility: While some see-through visibility can be helpful and even recommended, it shouldn’t be a main feature. Don’t go for fences that allow much peeking from the outside.

Military base fence

Designmaster’s Solution for Military Bases: Forte Fence

Designmaster offers an ideal fencing solution with its product, Forte, tailored for military facilities. Forte boasts the following key features:

  • High-Security Level: Forte provides the necessary level of security required for military bases.
  • Optimal See-Through Visibility: Striking the right balance, Forte ensures adequate visibility without compromising security.
  • Low Maintenance: Forte requires minimal maintenance, ensuring reliability and longevity.
  • Weather Resistance: Protected with a non-toxic powder coating, Forte is designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.


In conclusion, Designmaster’s Forte stands out as an excellent choice for military bases, offering a combination of high-security features, optimal visibility, low maintenance, and weather resistance. For military facilities where security is non-negotiable, Forte proves to be a reliable and effective fencing solution.