Is fencing required around a playground?

Fences are required for playgrounds for several reasons, primarily the safety and security of everyone interacting in these recreational areas. Other similar facilities may also benefit from these protective barriers, such as any daycare center, school, or playground area. Read on to find out more about the protection they provide.

Installing playground fencing

Installing playground fencing


Why are fences an essential feature on playgrounds?

Any playground fence should take into consideration some benefits that they can provide, creating safer environments for these types of outdoor play areas. Playground related injuries can be avoided with a solid fence as a protective barrier from the surrounding environment, playground fence panels should be sturdy and durable to make sure they increase:

  1. Child Safety: Fences provide a physical barrier to prevent wandering off or accidentally entering areas where they may be at risk. This is particularly important in busy areas, near roads, or in places where there are potential hazards.
  2. Boundary Definition: Fences clearly define the boundaries of the playground, helping children understand the limits of the play area. This can contribute to better organization and supervision of activities, reducing the likelihood of accidents.
  3. Unauthorized Access Prevention: Fences help control access to the playground, preventing unauthorized individuals, animals, or vehicles from entering the area. This adds an extra layer of security and protects children from potential dangers.
  4. Supervision: Fencing enhances the ability of parents, caregivers, and teachers to supervise children more effectively. With a clearly defined and enclosed space, adults can monitor and manage activities within the playground more easily.
  5. Security Against Wildlife: In certain locations, a fence can help protect children from encounters with wildlife that might pose a threat, such as large animals. This is especially relevant in areas where there’s a risk of animals entering the playground.
  6. Privacy: Fencing can provide a level of privacy for the children and caregivers within the playground, creating a more comfortable and secure environment for play and learning.

Prevention of Vandalism: Fences can serve as a deterrent to vandalism, helping to protect playground equipment and structures from damage.

Playground fencing

Playground fencing


Factors to consider when selecting a fence for a playground

Fencing for playground areas is not something to take lightly, they can really enhance and elevate the security and appeal of these interactive spaces, making people feel more at ease and creating an environment suited for younger children, which surely many parents will appreciate.

  1. Safety: Safety is paramount in a playground. The fencing should prevent unauthorized access and keep children within the designated play area. Choose fencing with no sharp edges or protrusions to minimize the risk of injuries.
  2. Height: Ensure the fence is tall enough to deter climbing and prevent children from easily scaling it. The appropriate height can vary depending on the age group the playground is designed for.
  3. Visibility: Opt for fencing that allows for good visibility, both inside and outside the playground. This is important for supervision, as caregivers and parents should be able to see the children playing.
  4. Durability: The fence should be durable and able to withstand weather conditions, especially if the playground is outdoors.
  5. State regulations: Fences for playgrounds should always be in compliance with state regulations, factors such as height, and safety levels are considered and may vary depending on where your property is located.
  6. Maintenance: Select low-maintenance materials that can withstand regular use and exposure to the elements without requiring frequent repairs or upkeep.
  7. Accessibility: If the playground is designed to be inclusive, consider fencing options that accommodate wheelchair access and other mobility aids.
Playground fence

Playground fence

How can Designmaster Fence benefit playgrounds?

Our incredible fencing solutions are all see-through, visibility is an essential feature in each and every one of our products. This means better supervision, more light, and an overall welcoming atmosphere. Playground fencing can really minimize danger, our non climbable designs, Non-Toxic powder coating, ASTM international compliance, and weather resistance make them the safest option for these types of facilities.