Offering the highest level of security with its strong and virtually impenetrable design sets this system apart from the rest.


  • Superior Security Fence
    The Forte system is the ultimate in security; the panel openings are extremely tight making it virtually impossible to climb or breach.
  • Strength
    Not only the panels but also all other components of this fencing system are engineered to provide the highest level of strength possible.
  • Versatility
    Forte panels are available flat or with V braces. The Forte Max Security is also an option for those looking for maximum security for their facility.
  • Applications
    Airports, government facilities, railways, parking garages, military zones, power plants, zoos, detention centers, among others.
  • Warranty
    Panels, posts and installation hardware against manufacture defect, corrosion and blistering or loosening in the case of its powder coating.


  • Post
    2.5″x2.5″ gauge 12

  • Polypropylene cap

  • Torx screws

  • Galvanized steel clamp



Design Height Length Gauge Post height
With v brace in in Cal. mm in
76 99 8 4 106 5/16
96 99 8 4 126
79 99 8 4 106 5/6
Flat 99 99 8 4 126
118 99 8 4 146
142 99 8 4 170

* For fence height above 99″ it is recommended to stack up panels.

* Post foundation varies according to building codes.

Wire breaking load Zinc coating opening
psi oz/ft2 in cm
70,000 – 90,000 0.18 1/2 X 3 7.62 X 1.27

* Consider the following fence behaviors depending on how each design is installed:

Design Post Frame Rigidity
Flat + Standard   Floppy
V-Brace + Standard   60% Horizontal Press
Flat + Standard + Top & Bottom 85% Horizontal Press
Flat + Standard + Top, Middle & Bottom 95% Horizontal Press


DWG file PDF file Specifications Brochure Installation Guide Maintenance guide
76″ dwg pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
96″ dwg pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
PANEL DWG file PDF file Specifications Brochure Installation Guide Maintenance guide
79″ dwg pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
99″ dwg pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
118″ dwg pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
142″ dwg pdf pdf pdf pdf pdf
GATES DWG file PDF file
Drawings dwg pdf